Bill Windsor is A Wordsmith

Bill Windsor is A Wordsmith.  He is a skilled writer who has always written for himself, but now he is writing for others.

Bill has been writing virtually his entire career.  He was a magazine publisher and editor-in-chief for 25 years.  He was CEO, owner, president, or vice-president of over 100 magazines.

He first worked on a screenplay in the 1980s as a co-writer.  In 2017, Bill created a TV sitcom, and he has been working with an agent.  Bill has also been working on a screenplay.

In addition to his screenplays, Bill has written several books, directories, and manuals.

In 2018, Bill began producing all types of web content for a variety of companies.  In recent months, he has written about auto parts, perfume, traffic accidents, fire safety, and more.

Bill Windsor would like to be A Wordsmith for you.