Professional Website or Blog Set-Up for $499

I’m Bill Windsor, and I will make a professional-looking website or blog for you for $499.  I make basic, yet professional websites that are perfect for blogs, personal projects, or small businesses.  $499 website!

I will incorporate pages, links, images, Google maps, PayPal buttons,  social media buttons, and anything else you want for your website

Each website that I create will have a home page, an about us page, a contact form, a privacy policy, a terms and conditions page, a Google XML sitemap, and one blog post.

I’ll teach you a little about the entire creation process so you can continue to update your website on your own after the job is complete.  Please contact me with your needs.  I will have your website completed in less than 7 days.  We can conference on Skype.

Web design firms MAY charge several thousand dollars to set up a website.  $499 website!  It’s a bargain.

$499 is for the work that I do.  It does not include the domain and web hosting.  Domains cost approximately $15 per year, and hosting can be $15 per month.  I charge $250 in advance with the balance paid when the job is complete.  Payments are accepted by PayPal.

Once your website is finished, I will show you how to make updates, add blog posts, etc.  I will send an email with usernames and passwords.

A Wordsmith Offers a Variety of Writing for You

A Wordsmith is available to write for you.  What do you need written?  Whatever it is, Bill Windsor can do it. does a wide variety of writing, including website content, blog posts, articles, eBooks, white papers, newsletters, directory listings, social media posts, press releases, product descriptions, and much more.

Everything we write for internet use is written for search engine optimization (SEO).  We use the best keywords with proper keyword density, and we utilize the best techniques to help you get more traffic.

If you need a blog or a website set up from scratch, we can do it all.  Bill has set up over 3,000 websites during the last 20 years.  He set up his first website in 1994, one of the first online trade shows ever produced.

In 2000, he set up a network of websites in the job/resume business.  The network generated over 1,600,00 user visits monthly.

Bill Windsor does projects large and small.  Most of his work is one writing assignment at a time from companies like yours.

Bill Windsor is A Wordsmith

Bill Windsor is A Wordsmith.  He is a skilled writer who has always written for himself, but now he is writing for others.

Bill has been writing virtually his entire career.  He was a magazine publisher and editor-in-chief for 25 years.  He was CEO, owner, president, or vice-president of over 100 magazines.

He first worked on a screenplay in the 1980s as a co-writer.  In 2017, Bill created a TV sitcom, and he has been working with an agent.  Bill has also been working on a screenplay.

In addition to his screenplays, Bill has written several books, directories, and manuals.

In 2018, Bill began producing all types of web content for a variety of companies.  In recent months, he has written about auto parts, perfume, traffic accidents, fire safety, and more.

Bill Windsor would like to be A Wordsmith for you.